BTS Jungkook appeared on Jimin’s birthday V Live! Check out kookmin’s cute moments♪

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Global idol BTS, who is very popular all over the world.

Today, October 13th is BTS Jimin’s birthday, and many ARMYs are celebrating.

BTS Jungkook appeared on Jimin’s birthday V Live!

This is BTS Jimin’s birthday V Live.

Jimin’s ponytail hairstyle was so cute 😆

At first, Jimin broadcasted V Live by himself alone, but on the way he called Jungkook for help.

Immediately after receiving Jimin’s call, Jungkook came to the room.

Jungkook appeared for Jimin’s V Live in the middle of his exercise.

Jungkook lit the candles on the cake and sang a birthday song.

The friendship between Jungkook and Jimin was felt, and fans of kookmin were pleased.

Furthermore, J-HOPE also appeared after that, celebrating Jimin’s birthday!

Jimin seemed happy to be loved by everyone.

There were many other things to see, so be sure to check out Jimin’s birthday V Live ♪