The meaning of BTS Jungkook’s necklace is so wonderful! Romantic design accessories are a hot topic! Check out the concept photo of “Proof” ♪

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Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS (Maknae).

Jungkook is called “Golden Maknae” and is a member with various charms.

In the concept photo of BTS’s new album “Proof” Door version released on June 1, the necklace worn by Jungkook is the focus of attention !

This is the concept photo of BTS “Proof” Door version posted on BIGHIT MUSIC’s official Twitter account.

Each BTS members’ outfit and accessory were so beautiful.

The necklace that Jungkook wore was a necklace named “The Pearl on the Sand” from the brand “a.neujac”.

The necklace with a romantic meaning, and the design is so beautiful😆

By the way, not only Jungkook but also accessories worn by other BTS members such as J-HOPE and Jimin have different meanings.

I’m looking forward to the accessories worn by BTS in the music video for BTS’s new song “Yet to Come” that will be released in the future ♪