What is BTS Jungkook’sTMI? Namjin Vlive is a hot topic!

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BTS interacts with ARMY using various SNS such as Twitter, Weverse, and V Live.

ARMY is also happy because BTS posts a lot every day.

Today, Jungkook’s TMI attracted attention at the V Live broadcast by BTS NamJin (RM & Jin) on August 19th!

This is V Live by BTS NamJin.

It’s been more than a year since NamJin broadcasted V Live with just two people, and ARMY all over the world was looking forward to it.

On this V Live, RM and Jin made blocks of BT21.

According to Jin, Jungkook hasn’t washed his hair for two days!

I don’t know why Jin say Jungkook’s TMI, but it was an interesting TMI.

By the way, Jin seems to have washed his hair this morning.

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Also, on this V Live, there was Eat Jin, and Jin ate sandwiche and cake.

Please check out the next BTS V Live ♪