MV of BTS’s new song “Stay Gold” released! Focus on the story that matches the lyrics !!


BTS is active worldwide.

The other day, BTS appeared in CDTV and performed “Stay Gold”.

The MV of the Japanese original new song “Stay Gold” of such BTS has been released!

This is the MV for BTS “Stay Gold” released on June 26.

The MV was released a little in the morning information program, and it was already a hot topic.

Moreover, one minute before the release, there was also a countdown by BTS members!

It was a valuable MV release.

The shining climax was wonderful!

I was impressed by the story of getting out of the dark.

The performance and smiles of BTS members were seen, and it was the best MV.

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MV of BTS “Stay Gold” finally released.

The story that matched the lyrics was impressive!

Please check it out!