The mini bag & HOPE pot set by BTS J-HOPE are cute! Check “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS”♪

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“ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS” is very popular among ARMY.

Jin, RM, Taehyung(V), and SUGA’s merchandise have been sold so far.

Today, January 17th, “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS” of J-HOPE was posted!

This is “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS” of J-HOPE posted on the official Twitter of HYBE MERCH.

J-HOPE’s merchandise are HOPE pot set and mini bag!

The mini bag is blue color and seems to be designed to be used by both men and women 😆

It’s the perfect size for a little outing.

And about the HOPE pot set, “H💚PE” is so cute !

Let’s check out the video by J-HOPE that will be released in the future ♪