aespa Ningning and NCT DREAM Chenle are friends! Check the friendship of Chinese members♪

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SM Entertainment has many popular artists from BOA and TVXQ to NCT and aespa.

In “SMCU EXPRESS” released the other day, collaboration beyond the group became a hot topic.

SMTOWN has held concerts many times so far.

Among the fans, the friendship between aespa Ningning and NCT DREAM Chenle is famous!

Ningning was known as SM Rookies even before he made her debut as aespa.

Chenle has been active as NCT DREAM since he was a child.

Both of them are from China and have been active in China before becoming idols of SM entertainment.

Chenle was born in 2001, Ningning was born in 2002.

Previously, Chenle talked about game with Ningning, and their friendship was a hot topic.

I want them to co-star on stage someday😆

Actually, in “SMCU EXPRESS”, Ningning and Chenle are participating in the song “Snow Dream 2021”.

Both of them are good at singing, so it was a long-awaited collaboration for fans.

I’d like to see Chenle and Ningning standing on the same stage someday ♪