Retro fashion is cute! NCT2020 “RESONANCE Pt.2” photo released !!

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Quote from:NCT twitter
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NCT2020 was working on the album “RESONANCE Pt.1”.

The title song “Make A Wish” won the first place in each music program, and the sales of the album also achieved a million seller.

The visual image of NCT2020’s new album “RESONANCE Pt.2” has been released!


This is a visual image of NCT2020 “RESONANCE Pt.2” posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

“RESONANCE Pt.1” has the PAST version and the FUTURE version, and it was a black and white outfit.

In “RESONANCE Pt.2” released this time, colorful and unique outfits were cute!

The hair color of NCT members was also colorful, Kun has mint hair and Jaehyun has pink hair.

There was a retro atmosphere, so I’m looking forward to what kind of songs will be recorded!

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Two new units were talking at the NCT2020 Twitter live the other day.

The combination that has never existed was fresh.

Please check the information on NCT2020 in the future ♪