What’s meaning of NCT DREAM “Glitch Mode”? Related to bugs! ? Comeback in March ♪

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NCT DREAM formed by the youngest members of NCT.

In 2021, NCT DREAM released “Hot Sauce” and “Hello Future”, and they became more popular all over the world.

It was announced that NCT DREAM will make a comeback in “Glitch Mode” in March!

This is a video of “Glitch Mode” posted on NCT DREAM’s official Twitter account.

Recently, NCT DREAM members often said that they were preparing for comeback, and the schedule has finally been announced.

“Glitch Mode” will be released on March 28th, and it’s only one month left!

In the video, “Glitch Mode” changed in various ways.

What is the meaning of “Glitch Mode” ?

“Glitch” means a bug or failure of a machine or computer, and it seems that it is sometimes used in game terms.

The concept is different from “Hot Sauce” and “Hello Future”, and I’m really looking forward to whether it’s a cute song, a pop song, or a cool dance song 😆

I think that the concept photo of “Glitch Mode” and MV teaser will be released from now on, so don’t miss the future activities of NCT DREAM ♪