Chihuahua and Taeil are so cute! NCT127 “STICKER” MV was released!

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Quote from:NCT127 twitter
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NCT 127 is very popular all over the world.

NCT 127’s new album “STICKER” has been released for the first time in over a year.

The sales of “STICKER” have already sold more than 2 million copies by pre-order alone, and it is very popular.

The MV for NCT 127’s new song “STICKER” has been released!

This is the MV for NCT 127 “STICKER” released at 13:00 on September 17th.

I felt the sound like NCT 127.

There were a lot of highlights, and Taeil with Chihuahua on his lap was also talked about! (Around 1 minute 50 seconds)

In the image teaser released the other day, Taeil also had chihuahua, and chihuahua also appeared in the actual “STICKER” MV.

The concept was a little different from the other members, so it stood out in the MV.

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In the MV of “STICKER”, not only the scene with Chihuahua but also the overwhelming singing ability of Taeil was noticed.

There were some difficult parts, but Taeil sang powerfully like the main vocal 😆

The dance was really cool, so I’m looking forward to the live performance of “STICKER” on the music program ♪