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NCT 127 Yuta has released fashionable nail photos! Black fashion is cool !!

Quote from:instagram.com
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Yuta is active as a member of NCT2020.

Yuta are also active as a member of the new song “Work It”.

This time, I will introduce the fashionable nail photos released by NCT 127 Yuta!

This is a photo posted on NCT 127 Yuta’s official Instagram.

Yuta’s black nails were a fashionable design!

The accessories on his fingers were also wonderful.

In the photos posted subsequently, Yuta posted a photo of black fashion.

Black hair looks good on Yuta, and many popular comments were posted by his fans.

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On November 27th, the MV of NCT U “Work It”, in which Yuta participates, was released.

Yuta’s dance performance was cool!

Please check Yuta in “Work It” ♪