NCT127 Yuta’s skill in Korean surprises children! Korean children and NCT members chat with each other!


Yuta is active in Korea as a member of NCT127.

Among NCT, which has many foreign members, Yuta is a member who is good at Korean.

NCT members including Yuta chatted with Korean children!

This is the video posted on YouTube.

NCT members from abroad, Johnny, Ten, and Yuta, were talking to Korean children.

Yuta was meeting two boys and he was said to be “cool” the moment he appeared.

And when Yuta spoke Japanese, the boys were confused.

After that, when Yuta spoke Korean fluently, they were even more surprised!

The boys were also surprised at Yuta’s skill in Korean.

Not only Yuta but also Ten from Thailand speak Korean well, so the two girls were surprised.

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Johnny gave American sweets, Ten gave Thai sweets, and Yuta gave Japanese sweets to children.

There was a scene where they talked about cultural differences and why they came to Korea, so it was a nice video for NCT fans.

Please check it out ♪