NCT is the new menu of Starbucks Korea ! ? Taeyong bought NCT!

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Starbucks is a popular cafe brand all over the world.

At Starbucks, the menus sold in each country are different, and the goods are cute.

Recently, among NCT fans, the seasonal drink menu sold in Starbucks Korea is a hot topic!

This is a video posted on the official Twitter account of Starbucks Korea.

The New Year’s season drink is “New Year Citrus Tea”.

“New Year Citrus Tea” is abbreviated as “NCT”, so it seems that many NCTzen are buying it!

In addition, NCT leader Taeyong also ordered “New Year Citrus Tea (NCT)”.

This is a photo posted on NCT Taeyong’s personal Instagram story.

“Hello NCT. Please give me 3 NCTs.” Taeyong commented.

It’s cute that Taeyong himself ordered NCT .

NCT(New Year Citrus Tea) is likely to become more and more popular due to the effect of Taeyong 😆