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Dance is very cool! SHINee Taemin made a comeback with “IDEA: Ideal” !!

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Shining 5-member idol SHINee.

Onew and Key discharged from army, and Minho will be discharged from army soon.

SHINee’s comeback is expected.

The MV of SHINee Taemin’s new song “IDEA: Ideal” was released on November 9th!

TAEMIN 태민 '이데아 (IDEA:理想)' MV

This is the MV of SHINee Taemin “IDEA: Ideal” released on November 9th.

The previous activity song “Criminal” also had a cool dance, and the new song “IDEA” also had a great dance!

The climax dance was particularly intense, and it was powerful!

It was an MV that was overwhelmed by Taemin’s expressive power.

The performance with dancers was perfect.

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Taemin is a very popular artist who is active not only as SHINee but also as SuperM.

When Minho returns, you can expect a comeback on SHINee!

Please check out the live performance of “IDEA” ♪