GFRIEND is back with “MAGO”! Eunha has blonde and ShinB has shorthair !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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GFRIEND, a popular Korean girl group.

When GFRIEND first made their debut, it was an cute concept, but recently GFRIEND have been trying beautiful concepts.

GFRIEND has made a comeback with the new song “MAGO”!

This is the MV of GFRIEND “MAGO” released on YouTube.

In the previous song “Apple”, a mysterious concept like Snow White was popular.

The new song “MAGO” has a retro feel to it!

GFRIEND members also became more beautiful.

Eunha had blonde, Yerin had pink hair, and Shinbi had short hair!

The glitter costumes look great, and the disco dance was wonderful.

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From now on, GFRIEND will appear in each music program with the new song “MAGO” and will promote comeback activities.

I want to see the live performance of “MAGO” soon!

Please check it out ♪