spore? What’s meaning of IU “홀씨(Holssi)” ? Tweety is cute♪


IU is a very popular artist in South Korea.

IU is such a popular singer that almost no one knows her in Korea.

She is famous not only as a singer but also as an actress.

This time, I will introduce the meaning of IU’s new song “홀씨 (Holssi)”!

This is the MV teaser for “홀씨(Holssi)” posted on IU’s official Twitter.

“홀씨(Holssi)” is included in IU’s new album “The Winning”.

“Love wins all” was pre-released a while ago is so wonderful.

The new song “홀씨(Holssi)” is also attracting a lot of attention.

A big Tweety appeared in the MV teaser for “홀씨(Holssi)”!

I could only listen to a little bit of “홀씨(Holssi)”, but it was addictive and made me want to dance.

The pronunciation of the song title “홀씨” is “Holssi”, which means “spore”.

Be sure to check out IU’s upcoming MV for “홀씨(Holssi)” to see what the lyrics are like♪