THE BOYZ released MV of 「THE STEALER」! Focus on the performance of the stealer !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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THE BOYZ is attracting attention for their handsome visuals.

THE BOYZ won the Road to Kingdom and has become a hot topic.

THE BOYZ has released the music video for their new song “THE STEALER”!

This is the music video for THE BOYZ “THE STEALER” released on September 21st.

THE BOYZ was well-received for its cool performance even on Road to Kingdom.

Even in “THE STEALER”, the powerful performance was amazing!

The first dance that Juyeon danced at the center had a big impact.

Juyeon’s sleeveless outfit was also sexy and looked great.

The phrase “I’m the Stealer” of the climax was impressive, and it was a melody that remained in my ears.

Sunwoo and Eric’s rap was also refreshing and a good accent.

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The online concert “RE: AL” held by THE BOYZ the other day recorded millions of views, proving their popularity.

It’s interesting to see if THE BOYZ can win the 1st place in the new song “THE STEALER”!

Please check it out ♪