What is TXT Yeonjun’s favorite perfume? Let’s get it!


TXT(Tomorrow X Together) is a member of BigHit Entertainment in the same office as BTS.

TXT debuted in 2019 and swept the rookie award.

This group is expected to play an active role in 2020.

This time, I will introduce the perfume that Yeonjun of TXT uses.

Quote: twitter.com

This is the perfume that TXT Yeonjun is using.

Ferrari’s Light Essence perfume is very popular for men and is famous for its easy-to-use fragrance for women.

It is full of floral feeling, and it is a fragrance that everyone receives.

The price to be worried about is 30ml 4,500 yen, 75ml 7,500 yen, and it seems to be able to get it a little cheaply when it is a net.

The room fragrance of WHITE MUSK from THE BODY SHOP is also a popular scent.

It is a fragrance loved by both men and women.

The price is 100mL: 2420 yen.

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When you wear the perfume of Yeonjun favorite, it seems to be able to feel Yeonjun close to.

MOA are going to have to get it!

Please check it out♪