Which brand is the skirt wearing TXT Soobin? Also wear ITZY and IZ*ONE! !


TXT (Tomorrow X Together) that made a comeback with the new album “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”.

The title song “Can’t You See Me?” is a hot topic right now.

TXT members’ costumes are also attracting attention in “Can’t You See Me?”.

This time, I introduces the skirt worn by TXTSoobin!

The skirt worn by Soobin in the “Can’t You See Me?” MV and comeback showcase.

It has become a hot topic all over the world.

In fact, it is said that this skirt may have been made by arranging Chopova Lowena that ITZY and IZ * ONE had worn before.

It’s a novel idea to wear a male idol in a skirt!

It looks cool and stylish when Soobin wears it.

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TXT is also attracting attention to costumes.

TXT is planning to make comeback activities for each music program.

Please pay attention to the costumes!