“Secret Garden” and “No Rules”! TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin performed a special stage! Akong’s dance is wonderful!

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Quote from:Music Bank twitter
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TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin who are MCs of Music Bank.

The two are familiar with the nickname “Akong”.

Today, July 23, Akong MC celebrated their 1st anniversary!

SOOBIN and ARIN (수빈,아린) – Secret Garden(비밀정원)(Music Bank) | KBS WORLD TV 210723

This is a special stage performed by Soobin and Arin.

The first stage that was shown was OH MY GIRL’s “Secret Garden”.

It was a beautiful performance!

There were many high-pitched parts, and Soobin’s singing voice was wonderful 😆

Next was TXT’s “No Rules”!

Both of them wore uniforms like high school students, and it was a cute stage.

Unlike “Secret Garden”, the powerful dance was cool.

Arin’s dance was a girl crush!

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TXT Huening Kai and OHMYGIRL Yooa appeared the Music Bank this time to support Akong.

The interview was interesting and there were plenty of highlights!

Please check that out too ♪