TXT and ENHYPEN covered BTS “Fire” at KBS Song Festival! Yeonjun is the center on dance break, and Heeseung & Jay’s SUGA part is cool! EXO “Growl”, TVXQ, BIGBANG, H.O.T songs too!


Today, the 2021 KBS Song Festival is held on December 17th.

Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, NCT, OHMYGIRL, TXT, ENHYPEN, ITZY, StrayKids, aespa, and other idols are attracting attention.

At the KBS Song Festival, a collaboration stage between TXT and ENHYPEN was a hot topic!

This is the collaboration stage of TXT and ENHYPEN released on YouTube.

TXT and ENHYPEN belong to the same HYBE.

At this KBS Song Festival, TXT and ENHYPEN performed many K-POP hit songs.

From H.O.T “CANDY” to TVXQ’s “MIROTIC”, BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG” and EXO “Growl”, the collaboration performance of TXT and ENHYPEN was cool.

And the last was “Fire” of BTS!

Heeseung was in charge of the first SUGA’s part, and he was really handsome.

Yeonjun became the center of the dance break, and their dance performance was amazing.

The ending was Jay, and he is also cool 😆

I would like to see the collaboration performance of TXT and ENHYPEN again someday!

Before the collaboration stage, there was interview with former Music Bank MC TXT Soobin, OHMYGIRL Arin, current MC ENHYPEN Sung Hoon, and IVE Won Young.

Let’s check that out too ♪