BigHit Entertainment name will change to “HYBE”! ? “What do you believe in” is a trend!

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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

BigHit Entertainment is becoming a bigger office.

It’s been talked about the company name of BigHit Entertainment will change to “HYBE”!

BTS posted photos with the hashtag “#WhatDoYouBelieveIn” one after another.

All BTS members posted selfie, and it gets attention to what it means.

There is also a comment for ARMY, and the hashtag “#WhatDoYouBelieveIn” has become a global trend!

Fans thought that it may be related to the change of the company name from Big Hit to “HYBE”.

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When the company name will be changed, it is attracting attention that the opening that was played at the beginning of the MV of BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN will also change!

It was a familiar opening, so it would be a little lonely if it suddenly changed 🥺

Please check the movement of Big Hit in the future ♪