Related to BTS “Save Me”! ? TXT’s comeback is hot! What is the meaning hidden in Morse code?

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) belongs to the same office as BTS.

On May 18, it was announced that TXT would make a comeback on “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.”

The world is getting a lot of attention on what kind of song TXT will make a comeback in 2019.

The concept trailer for TXT’s new album has been released, and there is a lot of discussion among fans.

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY Concept Trailer

This is the concept trailer for TXT’s new album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY.

It was TXT that surrounded the table with five people, but the Morse signal began to flow along the way, and only Soobin was left behind.

Afterwards, Soobin shouting in a transparent wall was impressive.

It was a concept trailer with a mysterious atmosphere.

If you decipher the Morse signal in the trailer, it looks like it will be “SAVE ME”.

“SAVE ME” is a masterpiece of BTS, isn’t it?

In fact, the day the concept trailer for TXT was released was the day of the release of the BTS album “花様年華”, which contains “SAVE ME”.

The mystery deepens whether this is a coincidence or not.

If it was a mechanism, BIG HIT would be too great to think about!

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TXT’s new album “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” is a concern for the future development.

The title song also has high expectations.

I’m looking forward to the activities of TXT in the future♪