TXT Soobin hugs ENHYPEN Niki! Soobin is surprised at the height of Niki! Behind the Golden Disc Awards is released ♪


TXT and ENHYPEN belonging to HYBE.

TXT and ENHYPEN performed a collaboration stage at the KBS Song Festival held at the end of 2021, and the cool performance became a hot topic.

The behind of the Golden Disc Awards held on January 8th has been released, and the exchange between TXT and ENHYPEN is drawing attention!

This is the behind-the-scenes video of the Golden Disc Awards posted on ENHYPEN’s YouTube channel.

ENHYPEN performed at the Golden Disc Awards , and they were really cool.

Behind the red carpet, Soobin and Niki were taking pictures together!

Soobin was hugging Niki, and he said “so cute”.

Soobin was surprised at Niki’s height, and I felt a their wonderful relationship.

Not only Niki, Soobin was taking pictures with Sung Hoon, and the two in suits were so cool 😆

I would like to see the collaboration stage of TXT and ENHYPEN again someday ♪