ENHYPEN Niki and Jungwon danced TXT “Blue Hour”! Their cute dance is amazing!

Quote from:ENHYPEN TikTok

ENHYPEN will debut from the audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN has decided to debut on November 30th.

The debut album has already exceeded 150,000 by pre-order sales, and you can see the popularity of ENHYPEN.

This time, we would like to introduce TXT “Blue Hour” dance-covered by ENHYPEN Niki and Jungwon!

This is TXT “Blue Hour” that ENHYPEN Niki and Jungwon dance, posted on TikTok.

It was a cool dance and it was perfect !

The scene of dancing in order was cute, and it was a dance video full of cuteness until the end.

TXT appeared in the final episode of I-LAND and supported ENHYPEN members.

It was a wonderful dance cover, as the friendship at that time seemed to continue.

I would like to see a collaboration between TXT and ENHYPEN someday!

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The teaser video of ENHYPEN has been released for the debut on November 30th.

Niki’s freestyle dance was cool!

Please check that out too ♪