BTS JungKook sang “I NEED YOU”! Advice to I-LAND trainees !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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The audition program I-LAND held by Big HIt Entertainment.

It’s getting a lot of attention who is going to debut.

BTS appeared on such I-LAND!

This is I-LAND on which BTS appeared.

BTS’s “I NEED YOU”, “DNA”, and “FAKE LOVE” were announced as the next theme song.

The BTS themselves taught the I-LAND trainees the points.

Jung Kook sang the point of “I NEED YOU” and it became a hot topic!

In addition, JHOPE taught I-LAND’s member point dance.

I-LAND members were also surprised by the appearance of BTS.

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I-LAND is getting more and more attention as the number of times increases.

BTS was a hot topic in this broadcast.

I’m looking forward to the stage of the BTS assignment song show by the I-LAND trainees.