Introducing the birthday advertisement of I-LAND K! Fukuoka Tower, New York Times, South Korea !!


The audition program I-LAND where ENHYPEN was born.

October 21st is the birthday of Japanese trainee K who appeared in I-LAND!

To celebrate K’s birthday, a birthday ad was posted on the New York Times.

K is the first to have a pre-debut trainee birthday ad on the New York Times!

You can see the popularity of K.

A light-up event is being prepared at Fukuoka Tower to commemorate K’s birthday.

At a large-scale event, you can feel the fans’ support for K.

K’s birthday advertisements are also being prepared in South Korea.

You can see a lot of K on I-LAND such as subway stations and COEX media towers!

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K’s visuals and performances have been attracting attention since the first appearance on I-LAND.

Unfortunately, K couldn’t debuet as ENHYPEN, but K is very popular!

We also support K’s future activities ♪