ENHYPEN Niki wore PRADA jacket & Bottega bag at airport fashion! Chic fashion is cool!


Niki, a popular Japanese member of ENHYPEN.

Niki is good at dancing, and “MIX & MAX” with Jungwon, which was released the other day, was also popular.

Yesterday, May 13th, ENHYPEN left for Germany!

ENHYPEN members at the airport is posted on the official YouTube of STAR PLUS and NEWSEN.

It is the first overseas activities for ENHYPEN, and their airport fashion was attracting attention.

Many members wore black clothes, and it was a chic and cool airport fashion.

Niki’s airport fashion is also a hot topic!

The black leather jacket that Niki wore was a PRADA product.

Furthermore, the bag that Niki had was a product of Bottega Veneta.

It was a cool airport fashion, and Niki is so cool!

Not only Niki but also other ENHYPEN members’ airport fashion was wonderful, so let’s check it out ♪