ENHYPEN Sunoo & Jay and ITZY Yuna are classmates! ? Three people from the same class at Hanlim Multi Art School co-starred in Inkigayo!

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ENHYPEN made a comeback with the new song “Tamed-Dashed”.

Their album’s sales have set a new record, proving their worldwide popularity.

Yesterday, ENHYPEN Sunoo, Jay and ITZY Yuna co-starred in SBS Inkigayo broadcast on October 17th!

In Inkigayo, ITZY Yuna acted as a special MC instead of IZ*ONE Yujin.

Sunoo, Jay, and Yuna co-starring during the comeback interview of ENHYPEN.

The reason why the co-starring of Sunoo, Jay and Yuna became a hot topic is that they are in the same class at Hanlim Multi Art School!

I think it’s difficult for them to go to school every day because they are busy, but it’s amazing that popular idols are in the same class.

I envy the students in the same class as Sunoo, Jay and Yuna 😆

The stages of ENHYPEN “Go Big or Go Home” and “Tamed-Dashed”, which were performed in Inkigayo, were also cool, so let’s check them out ♪