The ending pose is a hot topic ! The MV of ITZY “마.피. 아. (Mafia) In the morning” was released! Girl crush dance is very cool!

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ITZY belongs to the same JYP Entertainment as 2PM, TWICE, and Stray Kids.

ITZY is popular for their girl-crush concept and their cool performance.

The MV of ITZY’s new song “마.피. 아. (Mafia) In the morning” has been released!

This is the MV of ITZY “마.피. 아. (Mafia) In the morning” released on April 30th at 13:00 (KST).

The girl-crush concept was noticed from the preview images and teaser video.

The MV of “마. 피. 아. In the morning” started with Yuna and Ryujin.

Following Ryujin in black outfits, ITZY members appeared.

Their powerful dance was very cool 😆

Especially in the chorus, the formation dance that changes one after another was amazing, and the well-aligned dance movements were impressive!

The change in the hairstyles of ITZY members was also attractive, and the red hair of Yeji, and Chaeryeong was beautiful.

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In ITZY’s new songs, the ending pose is a hot topic every time.

The crown pose has continued since ITZY’s debut song “DALLA DALLA”, and the arrangement of the members has changed little by little.

In the ending of “마.피. 아. In the morning” , Lia sits in the front, Yuna and Ryujin are lined up, and Chaeryeong and Yeji place the crown on Ryujin’s head.

Please check out the stage of ITZY “마.피. 아. In the morning” that will be shown on the music program ♪