ITZY is back with “WANNABE”! Focus on the encouraging lyrics!

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TWICE’s sister ITZY.

Debuted in 2019 and swept the rookie award.

A girl group that expected is expected to play an active role in 2020.

That ITZY has made a comeback on March 9 with a new song !

Powerful and cool “WANNABE” like ITZY.

The cool performance is a wonderful song.

Views are also also increasing at a tremendous rate.

In this ITZY’s new song “WANNABE”, the encouraging lyrics were also attractive.

“No matter what says, I just want to be me.

I want be, me, me, me

It doesn’t have to be anything. I’m just perfect at my time

I want be, me,me,me”

The message let’s do what you want to do, don’t worry about what others say, live your own life!is wonderful!

ITZY has a lot of songs that encourage me every time.

I am am looking forward to the comeback activity that will begin ♪