Impressed by StrayKids BangChan comforting I.N who sheds tears! StrayKids performed BTOB’s “I’ll be your man” on KINGDOM!

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BTOB, SF9, iKON, THE BOYZ, StrayKids, ATEEZ appear on the competition program “KINGDOM”.

The wonderful performances of popular idols are attracting attention.

In KINGDOM broadcasted on April 29th, Stray Kids performed BTOB’s “I’ll be your man”!

This is the stage of Stray Kids “I’ll Be Your Man” that was performed at KINGDOM.

“I’ll Be Your Man” is a song with many treble parts, and Stray Kids members also struggled.

Still, Seungmin and Han sang it well, and BTOB was surprised at their performance.

Han is often in charge of rap, but he was also good at vocals!

Especially the climax of Seungmin and Han’s vocals and BangChan’s rap were the best match 😆

There was a scene where I.N regretted after finishing the stage of “I’ll Be Your Man”.

I.N was having a hard time recording, but he regretted that he couldn’t perform as he expected in the performance.

Looking at the crying I.N, Bangchan comforted him by saying ” I also made a lot of mistakes ” and it was the touching scene 😭

Lee Know and Han also praised I.N , and the friendships between them are amazing !

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At KINGDOM broadcasted this time, the stage of Stray Kids “Back Door” performed by BTOB was also shown.

BTOB was arranging “Back Door” anew, and Stray Kids was surprised at their idea!

Please check that out too ♪