What’s meaning of StrayKids “죽어보자(GET LIT)”? Slang?


StrayKids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids is making a comeback with the new album ‘5-STAR’, and the performance of ‘S-Class’ is drawing attention.

Today, June 19th, StrayKids released the music video for “죽어보자(GET LIT)”!

This is the music video for StrayKids “죽어보자(GET LIT)” released on YouTube.

The title ‘죽어보자’ is read as ‘jug-eoboja’, and means “let’s die”.

“Get Lit” means “Let’s drink a lot” and “Let’s have a blast”, so “죽어보자(GET LIT)” is a song with a nuance like “Let’s have fun to death”.

In the music video for ‘죽어보자(GET LIT)’ that was released this time, StrayKids members were excited in a place like a club.

Various MVs have been released, so let’s check out the songs included in StrayKids “5-STAR”♪