Introducing the profile of StrayKids Hyunjin! His personality, 00s, talent for drawing, his dog Kkami, and performance!


StrayKids Hyunjin

Stray Kids on Instagram: "최최종😅 #straykids #lovestay"
2M likes, 23K comments - realstraykids on February 2, 2022: "최최종😅 #straykids #lovestay".

Name:Hwang Hyunjin

Hangul name: 황현진

Date of birth: March 20, 2000 (20 years old)

Birthplace: Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Blood type: B type

Family: Parents

Position: main dancer

Hyunjin’s Performance is so cool! AOTM videos are very popular.

Hyunjin is in charge of performance for StrayKids.

Hyunjin’s performance on “Artist Of The Month (AOTM)” was legendary.

The number of views of the video has exceeded 20 million.

At AOTM, Hyunjin was involved in the choreography and was praised for his great performance.

Hyunjin’s face expression is amazing!

Hyunjin looks like ITZY Yeji! ?

Kpop fans are talking that Hyunjin looks like ITZY Yeji.

Both of them have attractive eyes.

Hyunjin and Yeji once acted as MCs together on a music program (Music Core), and at that time it became a legendary broadcast among fans.

Both are idols belonging to JYP Entertainment, and their dance performances are cool.

I would love to see Hyunjin and Yeji doing a dance collab on stage some day♪

Hyunjin is good at drawing !

Stray Kids on Instagram: "That's Me😛 #hyunpic #자화상"
2M likes, 33K comments - realstraykids on November 13, 2021: "That's Me😛 #hyunpic #자화상".

Hyunjin is known for his great stage performance.

Hyunjin is also noted for his drawing skills.

There are a lot of arts that Hyunjin drew on StrayKids’ official Instagram.

Hyunjin gives drawings to StrayKids’ members as a gift 😆

It would be interesting if one day Hyunjin holds a solo exhibition and has more art activities♪

Hyunjin’s pet dog is Kkami♪

Stray Kids on Instagram: "까미 생일축하해❣️ #straykids #lovestay #해피까미벌쓰데이"
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Hyunjin has a pet dog named Kkami at his parents’ house.

In the Vlog, Hyunjin was playing with Kkami, it was cute.

It was posted the photo of Kkami’s birthday the other day.

Hyunjin and his family love Kkami so much and Kkami must be happy😆