StrayKids Hyunjin presented Gucci ring to I.N! ? I.N’s Birthday gifts from members are a hot topic!

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Stray Kids I.N celebrated his birthday on February 8th.

I.N, born on February 8, 2001, is now 20 years old (21 years old in Korea).

In commemoration of his birthday, I.N has broadcasted V Live!

This is the V Live of StrayKids I.N, which was broadcasted on February 8th.

At V Live, I.N wore a black fashion.

I.N read the comments from the fans and answered various questions.

Of particular note was the birthday present from StrayKids members!

First of all, Hyunjin gave I.N a GUCCI ring, and I.N wore it at this V Live.

In addition to Hyunjin, Han gave I.N shoes, Felix gave I.N a huggable plushies , Seungmin gave I.N a candle, and LeeKnow gave I.N beef.

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On February 5, I.N graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul !

It’s lonely to think that I.N’s yellow school uniform can no longer be seen 😢

Fans around the world are celebrating I.N’s high school graduation and have become a world trend on Twitter.

Happy Birthday I.N 🎉