Stray Kids Felix has black hair, Jeongin has blonde, and Hyunjin has red hair! Their hair color at “MANIAC” in Seoul is a hot topic !

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Stray Kids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids has finished their activities with the new song “MANIAC” and started their second world tour “MANIAC”.

Yesterday, April 29th, the first day performance of Stray Kids “MANIAC” was held in Seoul!

These are photos of “MANIAC” posted on the official Twitter account of Stray Kids.

A photo of the black costume and a photo of the encore were posted.

They had a slogan and it was beautiful.

The topic was the hair color of Stray Kids members!

There were many members who hid their hair color at V Live the day before, so I was expecting their hair color.

First of all, Hyunjin had red hair.

In “MANIAC”, Hyunjin had red hair, and he returned to red hair again.

Felix changed from blonde to black hair, and he is so cool!

I.N(Jeongin) is blonde, and many STAY surprised at his blonde 😆

LeeKnow and Bangchan also looked like black hair, and many members changed their hair color!

I’m looking forward to next “MANIAC” concert ♪