Theory on SKZFLIX is a hot topic! Felix is ghost? Leeknow in a parallel world?


StrayKids belongs to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids is scheduled to make a comeback with their new album “樂-STAR” on November 10th, and they are attracting attention from fans all over the world.

Today, November 3rd, StrayKids’ “SKZFLIX” was released!

This is the video of StrayKids’ “SKZFLIX” posted on YouTube.

The preview of “SKZFLIX” was previously released, and many fans were looking forward to it.

Various theories are being made among STAY regarding “SKZFLIX.”

The key man was Felix!

Although Felix appeared in the filming scene, he was not seen in the footage that was actually shown.

Felix was only in Leeknow’s memory, and it was a scene that gave me goosebumps.

Fans have various opinions about Felix, such as he is Leeknow’s imaginary friend and Leeknow being in a parallel world.

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There is a theory about the relationship with the recently released “Leave”, “바보라도 알아”, “B Me”, “애”, and “The View”.

Be sure to check out StrayKids video that will be released soon to see how the story will turn out in the future♪