Hyunjin and LeeKnow wore matching necklace? StrayKids’ airport fashion is a hot topic!

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Stray Kids, who belongs to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids held a world tour “MANIAC”, and a performance in Japan will be held in June.

Today, May 21st, Stray Kids members arrived in Seoul from Jeju Island!

There were many fans and reporters at the airport for StrayKids.

StrayKids members wore wonderful airport fashion.

The matching necklaces worn by Hyunjin and LeeKnow are a hot topic!

Today was the date of “Music Core”, a music program in which LeeKnow is the MC, so only LeeKnow returned to Seoul before the other members.

The necklace that LeeKnow wore was a DIOR CD necklace.

And Hyunjin, who appeared after LeeKnow, also wore a DIOR CD necklace!

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Hyunjin used to wear a DIOR necklace in the photo posted on Stray Kids’ Instagram.

LeeKnow’s necklace is a vertical design and Hyunjin’s necklace is a horizontal design.

Let’s check out the airport fashions of other StrayKids members ♪