StrayKids Felix appears in NiziU “HEARTRIS” MV! ? He is so handsome !


NiziU belongs to JYP Entertainment.

NiziU is scheduled to debut in Korea soon and is attracting a lot of attention.

Today, October 27th, the music video teaser for NiziU’s “HEARTRIS” was released!

This is the MV teaser for “HEARTRIS” posted on NiziU’s official Twitter.

NiziU’s Korean debut song, which fans have been waiting for, will finally be released.

With the school concept, NiziU members wearing uniforms were cute.

And above all, the appearance of StrayKids Felix has become a hot topic!

The blue-haired Felix appeared, and the NiziU members were in love with him.

Felix was so handsome😆

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NiziU previously appeared in StrayKids’ music video, and this time Felix appeared in NiziU’s music video.

Let’s check out the full MV of NiziU’s “HEARTRIS” that will be released in the future♪