March 20 is birthday of Stray Kids Hyunjin!

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Stray Kids made their Japanese debut on March 18.

Stray Kids has been spotlighted as a brother of TWICE.

Stray Kids is a group that produces songs themselves and is highly regarded as a self-produced idol.

Cool raps and breathtaking dance performances are also popular.

March 20 is birthday of Hyunjin of such popular Stray Kids!

Hyunjin, born March 20, 2000, is now 20 years old.

Hyunjin looks full of charisma on the stage, but he looks young but still young.

Hyunjin is in charge of the rap part in Stray Kids.

His sharp dance is cool too!

Hyunjin is famous for being close to DAEHWI of AB6IX of the same year.

Hyunjin and DAEHWI are often seen by fans in private.

Music Bank, broadcast on December 20, 2019, covers GOT7 “Just Right” with Hyunjin, DAEHWI, GoldenChild Bomin, and ASTRO Sanha, born in 2000. was doing.

In the interview, you could see a glimpse of the four friends.

Stray Kids is making his debut in Japan and is likely to become more and more popular in the future.

It seems that Hyunjin, who is a good-looking and well-performed performer, will attract attention!

Happy birthday ♪