THE BOYZ covers VIXX “Shangri-La”! Brilliant performance is a topic! ! Road to Kingdom

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Road to Kingdom is popular for its high level performance.

Popular idols are competing for survival in the Kingdom.

I will introduce the stage of VIXX “Shangri-La” covered by THE BOYZ!

This is the stage of “Shangri-La” by THE BOYZ.

They performed a brilliant stage with the concept of peach blossoms!

Unlike the powerful power of THE BOYZ that they have shown at the competitions so far, it was a performance that you can feel supple.

The members were full of highlights such as synchronized movements and performances with blooming flowers.

The main character on this stage was YOUNGHOON !

I was impressed with the performance using YOUNGHOON ‘s shadow.

JUYEON made mistake and wept with tears, but it was still a wonderful stage!

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The stage of THE BOYZ “Shangri-La” that overwhelmed other co-stars.

I felt the charm of the new THE BOYZ.

I’m looking forward to the final performance♪