Le Labo’s ROSE31 is StrayKids Hyunjin’s perfume! ? Popular among STAY!


StrayKids Hyunjin is popular all over the world.

Hyunjin is a member with various charms, such as handsome looks, charismatic performances, and cute actions.

The perfume of Hyunjin was the focus of attention during the V Live broadcast on August 10th!


Here is the V Live by StrayKids Hyunjin.

A lot of Hyunjin’s dances were seen during the V live from the practice room.

A fan commented, “Recently, I imitated Hyunjin and bought ROSE31 perfume.”

After reading the comment, Hyunjin said, “During the tour, there was a hotel where all amenities such as shampoo and body soap smelled like ROSE31.”

ROSE31 is the scent of Le Labo, and Hyunjin seems to be using the body cream and body wash these days!

In addition, Hyunjin answered other various STAY comments, so let’s check out V live♪