TXT Beomgyu and Stray Kids Jeongin(I.N) are good friends! Check the friendship of 01 line♪

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TXT Beomgyu and Stray Kids I.N are very popular.

They were born in 2001 and are known for their friendships.

Cute photos of Beomgyu and I.N have been posted!

These are photos of Beomgyu and I.N posted on TXT’s official Twitter account.

There was a comment “With 이엔 😎👍”.

Beomgyu and I.N in suits were so cool 😆

The friendship between Beomgyu and I.N has been known before.

The episode that Beomgyu and I.N went to Hyunjin’s house together on New Year’s Day in 2020 was famous among fans.

I would like to see Beomgyu and I.N perform a collaboration stage together someday!

Let’s check out the future activities of TXT and Stray Kids in 2022 ♪