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As expected, Kihyun! !! MONSTA X Kihyun’s “Believer” cover is praised by Imagine Dragons!!

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Imagine Dragons is one of the most popular rock bands in the world.

Among them, “Believer” was a big hit.

The rock “Believer” is a very cool song.

The main vocal of MONSTA X, Kihyun, covered such “Believer”.

[몬채널][C] KIHYUN – Believer (COVER.)

There are a lot of treble parts.Believer.

It’s a very difficult song, but Kihyun was singing it perfectly.

It is the main vocal of MONSTA X indeed!

About this Kihyun cover video, Imagine Dragons members say “Nice.”.

Kihyun must have been happy, too.

Monsta X is attracting more and more attention from all over the world.

I’m looking forward to monsta x activities in the future♪