What’s meaning of BOYNEXTDOOR? Related to door? The MV for “But I Like You” and “One and Only” are so popular♪


BOYNEXTDOOR, a new boy group debuting from HYBE.

BOYNEXTDOOR is a group produced by ZICO and is attracting attention from all over the world.

The MVs for the pre-released songs “But I Like You” and “One and Only” have been released !

Both “돌아버리겠다(But I Like You)” and “One and Only” have different charms and are fun songs.

BOYNEXTDOOR members have everything from dance, vocals, rap, and visuals, and it’s a group that seems to be getting more and more popular.

What is the meaning of “BOYNEXTDOOR” ?

On BOYNEXTDOOR’s official Twitter, photos of friendly concepts are posted.

The door appears many times in the music video for “One and Only”, and it seemed to be the point of the concept of “BOYNEXTDOOR” !

The group name seems to have the meaning of “Expressing everyday stories that friends of the same age can relate to through music.”.

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