ATEEZ release MV of new song 「INCEPTION」! What is the location where the MV was filmed?

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Quote from:YouTube
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ATEEZ is always attracting attention for its high quality performance.

ATEEZ was also talked about by showing its performance at MAMA 2019.

The MV of new song “INCEPTION” by ATEEZ has been released!

This is the MV of ATEEZ’s new song “INCEPTION” released on July 29.

ATEEZ is popular all over the world, so people around the world paid attention to what the new song was like.

Powerful performance like ATEEZ was seen even in “INCEPTION”!

The MV was filmed in a classroom at school, and the costumes had a uniform atmosphere.

MV has a story-like feel, and it was an impressive MV.

It looks like another hit!

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ATEEZ made a comeback with the new song “INCEPTION”.

ATEEZ will continue to make comeback activities in Korea.

Please check the stage♪