Who are EL7Z UP members? Debut from QUEENDOM PUZZLE ♪


Survival program “QUEENDOM PUZZLE” held in Korea.

On August 15th, the final episode of “QUEENDOM PUZZLE” was broadcast, and the seven members who debuted as “EL7Z UP” were announced.

This time, I will introduce the members of “EL7Z UP” in order of popularity!

1st place: HWISEO (H1-KEY)

2nd place: Nana (woo!ah!)

3rd Place: Yuki (PURPLE KISS)

4th place: Kei (LOVELYZ)

5th place: Yeoreum (WJSN)

6th place: Yeonhee (Rocket Punch)

7th place: Yeeun (CLC)

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EL7Z UP is a group where members from various groups come together and put together like a puzzle.

Be sure to check out what kind of activities “EL7Z UP” will be doing from now on♪