What is ATEEZ Wooyoung & San’s favorite perfume? Woosan’s perfume is sexy scent ♪


ATEEZ is very popular boy group.

ATEEZ’s performance at Kingdom was so cool.

The comeback activities with the new songs “Deja Vu” and “Eternal Sunshine” were also very successful.

This time, I will introduce the perfume used by ATEEZ Wooyoung and San (Woosan)!

The other day, the episode that Wooyoung bought the same perfume as San became a hot topic.

It’s nice that Woosan (Wooyoung & San) are using the same perfume 😆

The perfume that Woosan use is TOM FORD’s “BLACK OR CHID” perfume!

Many fans have bought the perfume, and it seems that they are trying it immediately.

It has been reviewed as having a sexy scent , and it is the perfect perfumet for Wooyoung & San.

Let’s check out the perfumes used by other ATEEZ members ♪