What’s brand of NewJeans’ rabbit ear cap in “OMG” ? Check out their outfits in the MV♪


New Jeans made a comeback with their new album “OMG” on January 2nd.

Both the pre-release song “Ditto” and the title song “OMG” are hits.

This time, I will introduce the costumes worn by New Jeans members in the “OMG” MV!

Various outfits appear in New Jeans’ “OMG” MV.

Rabbit ear hats caught the attention of the performance scene!

It is said that this New Jeans MV outfit is “RABBIT BITE DENIM CAP” of the brand “W.I.A”.

New Jeans’ theme character is a rabbit, and 2023 is the year of the rabbit, so it’s a nice MV outfits.

The design that looks like a hat and rabbit ears together is so cute!

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There are many theories about the MV of New Jeans “OMG”.

“OMG” MV is mysterious and interesting.

Don’t forget to check out the outfits that New Jeans members will be wearing in their upcoming OMG comeback activities♪