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Golden Child Jibeom and BTS Jin are similar! ? Pay attention to their handsome looks!

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Quote from:Golden Child twitter
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Golden Child is working on the new songs “Burn It” and “Breathe”.

They won the 1st place in the music program, and the sales of the album are also good.

This time, I would like to introduce the handsome looks of Golden Child Jibeom!

Jibeom is a member born in 1999 and is in charge of lead vocals at Golden Child.

At the time of his debut, he was a blonde.

With his handsome looks, he is also attracting attention on vocals.

Such Jibeom is said to be similar to BTS Jin!

Jin, a member of BTS who is very active all over the world, is a handsome idol.

Jin himself also praises his looks.

Many fans who saw Jibeom said he looked a lot like Jin, and he’s got a lot of attention for his looks!

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BTS and Golden Child are busy groups, so it’s difficult to co-star, but I’d like to see Jibeom and Jin co-star someday.

I also support the activities of the two groups in the future ♪