TXT’s pineapple pizza is a hot topic! BigHit idol’s “What Do You Believe In?” was released!

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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

ENHYPEN was born in 2020 from the audition program I-LAND.

The video of “WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?” that such idols appeared has been released!

This is a video of Big Hit idol posted on YouTube.

First, it started with ENHYPEN, and the story progressed in the order of SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, and NU’EST.

ENHYPEN enjoying the virtual world, GFRIEND enjoying sports, each had a different story and was interesting.

NU’EST was working in a suit, and everyone looked good on him.

TXT’s pineapple pizza is a hot topic!

It says “I BELIEVE IN Pineapple PIZZA”, and the cute word that is different from other groups attracted attention.

At the end, BTS appeared, and Jungkook became big and Jimin was playing with a dog .

It was cute to put their fingers together and make a “connection”.

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When this video was released, TXT’s “pineapple pizza” was a trend on Twitter!

Pineapple Pizza is that everyone was most interested in, and it may have something to do with TXT’s future activities.

Please check out the activities of BigHit’s idols in the future ♪